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Our company is engaged in special manufacturing of elevators for more than 45 years.
We put top priority on quality, leadingin technique,indifferent to the common practice, favored, acknowledged, and praised by everyone in the industry.
Our company signed "Technical Cooperation Agreement" with FUJI ELEVATOR CO., LTD.
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JAPAN in 1985 and has become the only overseas technical cooperating company of Fuji elevator.
And with this technical cooperation, we manufacture " FUJI" elevators in Taiwan and market them locally and overseas.
Our products include passenger elevator, home elevator, machineroomless, observation elevator, passenger and freight elevator, hospital elevator, hydraulic elevator, and escalator.
Aside from having sales bases all over Taiwan, we also expand our overseas sales in big scale.
We market our products in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc., set up service bases everywhere, created service net, whole year round and 24-hour service. We provide the fastest, most satisfactory, and contented service on time with the best original ready made goods.
We made insists on quality, which also is our commitment and guarantee to our customers.
We have technical cooperation with Fuji Elevator of Japan. We import the most advanced, most professional manufacturing technique, most sophisticated maintenance testing, and most reliable quality assurance. We have established standard production flow, continue innovate, R&D, so that our product will keep on changing in order to satisfy our customers and improve our public sentiment.
In March 2000 our products earned the SGS ISO-9001 International Certification and thoroughly implemented the followings :
1. Quality Policy - Creditable, innovation, and service
2. Quality Target - True, good, and beautiful
3. Quality Commitment - Safe, comfortable, and satisfactory
With our persistence in creditability, we keep on innovating, improving our products, upgrade the quality, carry out QA systems, and manufacture safe and comfortable products. We satisfy the needs of our customers and move into an unified global professional manufacturer.

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